Moroshka: fairy tales from the Russian woodlands

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Moroshka is the Russian name for the cloudberry which grows in the Arctic Tundra. It is also the name that Russian-born Tatiana Porter has chosen for her exquisite and utterly charming creations.

 Inspired by the childhood fairy tales of the Russian woodlands, Tatiana's beautiful and unique clothbound dolls transport us to the ethereal whimsical fantasies of her childhood. Each doll is painstakingly hand-stitched and hand- painted, sourced from unique vintage fabrics. And each doll possesses a startlingly unique character and a gentle personality all its own.  

So if you're looking for something very special that a child, or a deserving adult will cherish forever, you can buyTatiana's creations at Benjamin Pollock in Covent Garden and also at Niddle Noddle in Crouch End. She has also recently started her online store at

Mr and Mrs Fox
Toadstool necklaces

Tatiana at home working on Mr Harlequin Rabbit
Hand-painted wooden acorn necklace

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